Monday, November 21, 2011

I've Got A Real Nose!!!

So I don't have a great picture of my nose before, but my left nostril was smaller than the right which made it really hard to breath. Especially if I was sick. The picture above doesn't show the difference but it does show the knot that was there.

Tuesday November 15th I walked in to Mountain View Hospital scared but super excited at the same time. They first gave me this spray to shoot up my nose... First time I have ever sprayed anything up my nose before. I did a horrible job. I ended up swallowing it and then it made my throat burn and I was miserable. 

They then had me change into those hospital night gowns that don't have a back. I got on the bed/ table and they put the IV in my arm. Lucky for me I have had one before so this didn't hurt much. Then the nurse left and I was left in the room with my mother. Maybe about 10-15 min later the Anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about the possibility that I might not ever wake up again after they put me to sleep but that I didn't need to worry (How do you not worry about that kinda stuff) and then he left. I don't know if the stuff that was coming through my IV was suppose to make me tired or if I was just super bored but I ended up falling asleep and then when the Anesthesiologist came back in I remember him telling my mom that if I stayed asleep he wouldn't even be needed. He then wheeled me into the room where they would do the surgery and then asked me what I did for my job I was explaining it to him and then next thing I know I was in the recovery room. 

First thing I did when I woke up was feel my nose to make sure it was still there (Brendan told me they were going to cut it off and just leave slits there so that I would look like Voldemort). When the nurse came in she gave me some crackers and a cup of water and then told me that if I couldn't eat it right away to not worry but to try to slowly eat it why she went and got my mom. When my mom came in I was eating the crackers but couldn't reach the water because of the IV and where she had put it. The nurse then left again and told me that when I am feeling up to it I could get dressed and go home. I was feeling up to it then so I went to get up but couldn't because of all they stuff they had me hooked up to. My mom then called her back in. They unhooked me from all the machines and I got dressed and we went home. 

This is what I looked like that night. 

I look pretty good right for just having surgery but it still hurts like crazy. I wont bore you with the rest of the horrible details but I will share pictures and what day they were taken 

Wednesday 16th 

Little bit worse right haha

Thursday 17th 

I didn't take a picture Friday 18th but this is Saturday 19th 

Looking good huh :) I can smile but man does it hurt to laugh or yawn or anything else. 

I didn't take a picture Sunday either. 

Today Monday 21st I went back to the doctors to have him take the splints out of my nose. 

I went in and the nurse greeted me at the door and said come back here. So I went back to the room and I sat down. She then grabbed the flashlight and some scissors and tweezers things, told me to tip my head back, and then she grabbed my nostril and pulled. I flinched and pulled away. She then said, "If you don't hold still I'll never get these things out of there." I'm crying by now cause not only did it hurt but I was mad at her. My mom then came over and held my hand while the nurse proceeded to take the splints out of my nose. When she was finally done this is what I found in the bucket I was holding on to.
Huge huh? yup those things were up my nose. The nurse then told me to go make an appointment to meet with the doctor the next week for a follow up. 

Now a little side note. I have a strong dislike for that nurse right now. If she would have told me what she was doing before she just decided to pull on my nostril then I wouldn't have flinched and I would have been able to hold still and it wouldn't have been that bad for those things to be pulled out of my nose but because she was a jerk and didn't tell me what was going on I did end up crying and am very mad at the nurse and when I go back in next week I will let that doctor know how things went during today's appointment. 

P.S. That nurse is lucky I didn't break her nose or bite her. 


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brendan's Poems ( I love them so much)

For those of you who don't know Brendan writes poems they are amazing!!! I love them so so so much! These are the ones he has written for me they are no in order from when he gave them to me but they are still so good. I hope you enjoy :) 

A Testimony (Sent to me on Skype)

A testimony for my wife,

The Lord and Savior gave his life,
Each day as we gather for prayer,
Surely you can know he is there,
Talking us through the hardest day,
I know he will show us the way,
Making the path narrow and straight,
Open passage when we are eight,
Now TOGETHER we follow true,
Years on the path our Savior drew.

Owen (While we were Skyping one night)

Once there was a girl
Who sent me on a whirl
Each day she treats me right
Now she'll be dressed in white

Poem For You (after I had begged him forever to write me another poem)

Pondering on your beautiful smile 
Only one, for which I'd walk a mile
Eager to see the glee in your eyes
Making me warm like the summer skies

Freeing me from the pain in my past 
Opening up a love that will last 
Ready I am to promise to you 

Years upon years of unending blue 
Open your eyes and there we will see 
Unending blue smiling back with Glee 

If Only They Knew (Sent of facebook, I believe this one is the first one he wrote me)

I've begun to see the light 
From the darkness of the night

Opened my eyes, cracked a smile 
Now I'm sure it'll stay awhile 
Looking forward instead of back 
You my girl, you have the knack'

To bring light into my life
Haul away the strain and the strife
Even out a harder day 
You my girl, you have the way 

Keep you close I always will 
Now the world it seems so still
Every day, I'll say it's true 
Witney, (I truly) love you 
            Lasley, I 

I Can't Sleep  (Sent to me through a text one of those nights that I really needed a pick me up)  

In a perfect world of love 

Cheering angels from above
Aid heartbroken, lonely, sad
Normal people for our dad
Teaching those who need a hand

Stepping near us in the sand 
Lord, our Savior, knows the path 
Easing us from daily wrath 
Eager to give, help and hold 
Pulling us in from the cold.

A Girl Named Witney

I once met a girl named Witney
and then one day it just hit me
I'd love her for life
I'd make her my wife
I'd forever have her with me

The Only One 

As I continue day by day
there's only one to whom I'd say
I love you I forever will
I'll love you in heaven still


Beauty stems from heaven above
Emanated by your love
And assured by your bright smile
Unending like the river Nile
Teaching me to always want
Your beauty’s eternal font


You soon will be
Sealed to me!


Where has the time gone?
 It seems like the dawn
The start of your life
Now that you're my wife
Extends to the past
Yet ever will last