Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 18th 2012

I know that this post is late coming, but I just got married and have been a little busy. ;)

If you look to the right side on our blog you will find a column called "Tender Words of the Heart" these are text messages that I have received over that past year from the man of my dreams, my best friend and my sole mate.

February 18th 2011

"You are the most wonderful and beautiful girl that I know and I love more than anything!"

A year ago this was sent to my phone. I loved it then as much as I love it now. Brendan Owen has changed my life for the better.

The morning of... Mom woke me up around 6, I got up and got ready, showered, hair, dressed, make up...Wait no make up that was left in Brendan's car the night before. My mom and I left the house late as usual (no offense mom).

 I called Brendan around 7 to ask him if we could meet him in Preston so that I could get my make up.

While we are driving we almost missed our exit. I see the exit our car is in the left side lane and the semi behind us is in the right lane almost in front of the exit's entrance. I know that if we miss the exit then we will be more late then we already are. I swerve in front of the semi and make it on the exit with no accidents. YEAH!!!

When we got to Preston I expected Brendan and his parents to already be there so that I could do my make up and we could get going again to the temple but they weren't. I called Brendan it went straight to his voicemail, I called Patti ring and ring and then voicemail, I call Emmi and Voicemail, I call Maci Voicemail, try calling Brendan again hmm voicemail. Yes I am freaking out by now. Call Bren again yup still voicemail. Call Patti one more time and she answers tells me that they are almost there and then they arrived. (why do I worry?)

We got to the temple just in time!

The temple is an amazing place. A year long engagement is not an easy thing but it is worth it when you finally walk out of the temple doors holding hands for the first time as husband and wife infront of all of your family and friends.

This was sent to me the morning of exactly 1 year ago from the first text that I shared with you.

February 18th 2012:

"I love you more than anything beautiful!" "Thank you for being my best friend" 

I love my husband more than anything he is my hero, my best friend, and my everything.