Saturday, April 30, 2011

You Wanted Me by David Osmond

This is a beautiful song that Brendan and I have fallen in love with. As soon as I can by it on I tunes I will be!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Day That Changed Everything!!!

Every story has a beginning and here's ours.

February 4th, 2011 was a night that Witney Lasley hopes she will never forget because this was the night that she found her love for eternity.

Ring!!! Ring!!!
"Hello" says Witney
"Hey beautiful" said Brendan like he always does.
" Witney, can we go to the Jungle Room tonight?" asked Brendan
"Sure" says Witney
"Sweet, see you in a little bit then"

Knock!!! Knock!!!
"Hey!!!" says Witney
"Ready?" Asks Brendan

As they
                                         Brendan turns to go to his car.
"What are you doing?" asks Witney
 "Going to the car so that we can drive there" says Brendan
"ummm... I don't think so" says Witney "It's right up the hill"

PLEASE!?! Brendan begged
NO!!  Witney Answered
"fine" Brendan said with a worried look


When they arrived to the Jungle Room there was already people there so they went to the Desert Room instead. They walked and talked about nothing to important until...

"Witney" Brendan turns Witney to face him "I wrote you a poem last night can I tell it to you?"
with a smile Witney replys "Of course"

Witney will you stand with me
Into all Eternity
Love me when you're standing tall
Lean on me when feeling small

Yearn to hear me speak your name
On the rooftops, there proclame
Until death, is nothing when

Marriage is not by the pen
Ask of me eternal life
Require it as my wife
Run to me when I come home
Yes I did I just said home

Mine and yours that soon will be
Ever more, a family

Brendan than got down on one knee and said
"Witney, will you marry me?"

Witney fell to her knees, wrapped her arms around him and said...

Brendan then lifted her up and gently kissed her. He then whispered in her ear
"there's one little problem"
"What!" Witney said alarmed
"The ring is in the car" Brendan said with a smile
"I knew it" Witney shouted
and they both laughed at Witneys stubberness.

and to the car

When they got to the car they got in and drove to Nature Park. Where Brendan got back down on one knee and put the ring on Witney's finger.

Our Not So Long Pre-Engagment Dating Experience

The next morning after our first date I moved back up to school. When I got up to Rexburg and unpacked bought all my books and then finally settled in that's when I started to panic. The night before I went on a date with the most amazing guy in the whole world and even kissed him... now what? I was so worried that I would never see him or talk to him again.

That night when I was kind of down in the dumps, Bishop and his counselor came over to talk to my apartment and to sent me apart as the new Relief Society President for our student ward. As we were standing in the living room talking I heard my phone go off in a right tone I did not recognize, and then ran to the back room and saw that it was Brendan calling me. I was so EXCITED!!! but I also had the Bishop in my living room waiting to set me apart. So I answered it and said "Brendan I'm sorry but I need to call you back in a minute... my Bishop is here to set me apart." We hung up and then I went and got set apart. When the Bishop and his counselors finally left I ran back to my room and called him Brendan back. We talked for 2 hours that night. That night he also asked me when he could see me again. What I wanted to say is right now but of course I had to make him work a little harder then that so I told him that Saturday would probably be best.

The next day he called me around the same time and then we talked for 2 almost 3 hours about everything. I wanted to learn more about him and he wanted to learn more about me. This was also the night that he sheepishly asked me a question that I knew would change everything... it went a little like this. "Witney I have a question for you." And I said "ok whats that?" he then asked "Can I call you my girlfriend" long pause.......... me thinking ( my mom is going to kill me) " Yes!!! I would love that" we then went on talking about everything else we could think of. 

January 6th we talked on the phone for 3 1/2 hours where I was able to recite each of his brothers and sisters names order and birthdays (creepy).

January 7th we are talking on facebook and I ask him if he would like to come down that night as well as Saturday for our date. he agrees to come and then leaves as soon as he could. I ran over to my friends apartment thinking he would be about a half hour.15 min's later he calls me to ask where my apartment is. I told him where I lived and then literally ran home and made it home just in time. I was so so so so so excited.

January 8th Second official date. He showed up around 12ish at my apartment and then we went and walked around Nature Park. We then went and watched Princess Bride. This was the day that Lindsay had her baby shower and the whole family was up so when he received a phone call from Nathan asking him if he was going to come and see everyone before they left. Brendan told him that we would and so we left to Idaho Falls to go see the whole family. Yes that is right Second date I meet the family.

After these most important days... it was smooth sailing.... everyday was perfect. We have never missed a day since then either seeing each other or talking to each other either on skype or facebook or the phone.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Date: What better place to start.

Our first date was January 3, 2011. Brendan came and got me around 6:15 that night. When he arrived the first thing he said to me was "Wow, you look beautiful!" We then went to his car and we drove to Walmart. At Walmart we met up with Brandon Carney and his date. While we were there we bought toothpicks, and mini colored marshmallows. We then went to Papa Murphy's and got a pizza. When we got back to Brandon's we put in the pizza and then headed down stairs to play pool. To be completely honest with you if it wasn't for Brendan we would have been slaughtered. I didn't hit one ball :). When the Pizza was finally done we went up stairs ate our pizza and then the real fun began.

Toothpick Bridges!!!

We split up into teams. Brendan and I or course and then Brandon and his date. The goal was to make a bridge the would cross the center of the table with out falling over.

At first Brendan and I worked alone but then in the end we added our to designs together and took the Gold. Brandon and his date on the other hand kind of struggled.

We then took the Bridges outside and burned them. (little side note, Brendan and I are holding hands.) After the burning of the bridges Brandon and his date had to leave to go back to Rexburg to go and clean the temple. Brendan on the other hand had something else somewhat kind of planned. When we got into the car he looked at me and said. "Witney I don't want this date to end yet... If you could see any movie in the world right now what would it be?" I automatically told him Tangled.

I was so excited to see this movie that I couldn't handle all the excitement inside. So we called Lindsay to find out when the next showing was and we found out it was in a half hour. Thinking that it would take us about 15 mins to drive across town we left right away. Yeah... It only took us 5 mins so we were there 25mins early :) oh well. so we got our tickets and went and sat in the theater. We had to fight for our seats because we were the only ones in the theater. So we sat right in the middle.  As we sat there waiting for it to began we talked about movies. When the movie began Brendan reached over grabbed my hand and held on tight for the rest of the movie. When the movie ended I looked over at him to ask him what he thought and he reached up, moved my hair behind my ear and then kissed me gently on the lips. I turn back around and had a million different thoughts entered my head like for example. "Did that really just happen?" "My mom is going to kill me" "I really liked that... maybe he will do it again." and  "Did I kiss him right?" When I turned and looked at him again I kissed him and then we decided it was time to go. We got back to my house at 12:00 and Brendan walked me to my front door, where he tried to kiss me again but when I found out that my door was locked I kind of denied him that kiss and walked to the garage. After I got the garage opened we then exchanged three more kisses and I went inside and he went home.

That night I lay in my bed knowing that I had found someone special! What I didn't know that night was that he would be my eternal companion. :)